Professional Security, Inc. – Fort Smith area
Centurion Security – Bentonville and Rogers areas

Who is watching your business and your precious inventory after hours? Well, the police, but how often can officers patrol your individual business when they are stretched thin, crime is on the rise, and budgets are tight?

A patrol service can fill in the gaps, and protect your business and your property.

Patrol features can be tailored to the individual business’s need, but the standard service involves three patrol visits per night, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Duties are performed by uniformed security officers:

For non-emergency alarm calls and incidents, a copy of the incident report will be left at the facility at a location designated by the client. For emergency alarm calls, the patrol officer will notify police, fire and or the customer, as needed.

We can also install a tour-watch system, which generates a report that can be used to document activities at your business.