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officerProfessional Security, Inc. was founded in 1989 to offer local security services to businesses and individuals in the Fort Smith, Arkansas, metropolitan area. R.D. Burnett, the retired chief of police in Russellville, Arkansas, after retirement began working for one of the old-line guard companies.

Burnett quickly discovered that this company and others were more interested in income than security. Training was poor or non-existent, pay was low, supervision was inadequate and no one from the home office could be found during business hours. Burnett teamed with David Ogden, an active deputy sheriff, and Larry Devero, a retired human resources professional, to start Professional Security from scratch – company by company.

Professional Security strong and solid because of Burnett’s charisma and care for the companies who switched providers. Many of those companies are still valued clients today. Cancer claimed Burnett too soon, but the values he instilled in Professional Security are honored with the company’s current owners and managers. All security is local, and we’re your local security professionals.

Centurion Security

In 2008, Professional Security acquired Centurion Security Co., a Northwest Arkansas based security company owned by Tom and Joyce Refshauge. The Refshauges created Centurion Security in 1997 out of the remnants of a failed security company in the area. The Refshauges built up the company on the same approach as Professional Security: Local security operations supervised by active management providing excellent, cost-efficient security operations teamed with quality customer service.

Professional Security and Centurion Security are separately licensed companies, but are managed together to provide contract security solutions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Memberships include:

Professional Security, Inc. is licensed by the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies (C1007) and the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (09SGA 0540).

Centurion Security is licensed by the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies (C97 0070)

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