Mass shootings: Who has the better plan?

We’re well into the coverage of the latest mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado, theater complex, and we’re still not learning much about the motivations of 24-year-old James Holmes.
What we know is Holmes prepared for his killing spree, and prepared well with weaponry, tactical gear and knowledge of the weaknesses of the location.
We probably will never know the motivations, this despite Holmes surviving the shooting. In fact, it looks like Holmes planned to survive, as he finished his shooting and went out to his car, where responding police arrested him without a shot or a fight.
Mass shootings — which the FBI defines as four or more murders occurring during a particular event with no cooling-off period between the murders — get a lot of attention. They are even categorized by location: Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Luby’s.
It’s not without consequence that mass murders pick public places, especially places where there’s little or no security presence and lots of people.
Even the recent development of armed citizens can’t or won’t affect the mass murders. Think about it: Holmes, a highly intelligent post-grad student, planned for months, and invaded a location where people typically feel safe. That’s part of the plan.
What’s a person to do? Give up public outings, wear ballistic armor, become a recluse? I believe what you do is get back up, dust off, don’t let the this urban terrorism – that’s what it is, essentially – beat you down, take away your spirit, rob you of your optimism. But at the same time, never be not aware, and always vigilant. Be ready to fight for yourself or your loved ones, or to play dead to survive.